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Presidential Packages

Presidential Podium Packages

Very Popular

Presidential Podium Packages designed for corporate conferences or other events where the speaker is addressing an audience. Each prompting podium resembles a mic stand with a piece of glass attached to the top of it. From the audience’s perspective, the high quality prompter glass is transparent, giving the impression that the presenter is speaking fluently and professionally without any assistance. From the presenter perspective, the glass displays a clear image of the prepared speech from the prompter LCD monitor at the base of the stand. The height of the stand and the angle of the prompting glass are fully adjustable to match the eye-line of the presenter. Each package includes everything you need for one teleprompter Presidential Podium Package, positioned on either side of a podium, providing a continuously visible script to the presenter as they scan the audience.

Typical Use: Award Shows, Stage Events, Board Meetings, Speech Events, Corporate Conferences.

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