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Jib Mounting

Jib Mount - Over / Under the Camera Lens

These teleprompters allow for text prompting where a standard teleprompter cannot be used. Lightweight prompters that mount with above the lens or below the lens on jibs or with Chromatte LiteRings. The talent can maintain eye contact with the audience while reading their script with ease. No angled glass or counter weights are needed. Some over the camera teleprompters have a monitor fastened just above the lens with an articulating arm. The arm mounts to the camera’s hot or cold shoe and is fully adjustable to fit most cameras on the market. They are very lightweight and easy to setup or remove. Extra bright Text is the key to be able to read if shooting outdoors during the day.

Typical Use: Close Shots, TV Commercials, Interviews, Spanning Shots, Straight Reads.

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