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Downstage Monitors

Downstage Confidence Monitors

Ultra Bright Text is the key

Downstage confidence monitors are used by speakers or performers on stage to reference presentation copy, performance notes, or lyrics. Downstage Confidence Monitors can be adjusted for Color Brightness and Height adjusted for their speaker and setting. They can also be hidden from the audience. Often it’s more desireable to someone speaking from a stage to not have to be anchored to the podium. Having Downstage Confidence monitors in front of the stage is one easy solution. Vocalist can read the lyrics perfectly, Theater Actors can check their lines, and speakers will not lose their place with these Downstage Confidence Monitors that have super bright text that is easy to read from far away.

Typical Use: Various Concerts, Theatrical Performances, Speech Events, Board Meetings, Most Stage Events.

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