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Academy Style

Academy Style Huge Monitors

Ultra Bright Text is the key

When you need a large Teleprompter monitor in the back of the audience, these are the monitors to go for. Our larger end monitors work flawlessly with our software and the monitors themselves are durable and high bright. The monitors are designed to be used indoors and outdoors to give you different event locations to use them on. The key to any delivery is being able to keep eye contact with the audience, or the camera. Teleprompters have been around for decades as a tool to help actors, actresses, and anyone giving speeches be more confident in their lines. WEhen they have a Teleprompter to cue them, they are able to concentrate on the emotion and delivery as opposed to trying to remember every single word. These extra large back of house or in-the-audience Teleprompter Monitors can allow for the talent to be able to easily move around the stage as they desire without losing view of the Prompter…especially if there is more than one.

Typical Use: Various Concerts, Large Performances, Big Speech Events, Full Stage Events.

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